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Speaking with Impact Founder

Communication Expert

Host of Women Express!


Welcome to Women Express! I am Denise Harrington, your host, guide, and friend as we navigate the world of finding and using your unique voice. I am delighted and excited to share this podcast with you and am so grateful that you are joining me and the many women who will be sharing with us! You can look forward to many discussions that will lead your journey to finding your voice. Collectively we can move mountains...Speak up...Speak out...Stand up and Stand out! Come on Women, Let's Express!

For over a decade, Denise has focused on women's leadership trends and ways to help women develop stronger voices in the workplace. She believes that as women move forward in the business arena, knowing how to communicate who they are and what they believe in will help them to become stronger contributors. To this day, Denise inspires women to take on a cutting-edge leadership style by standing up and using their voices.


About Denise


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